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Every booking made through Tremolo includes our live music booking security Guarantee.

Any unforeseen circumstance, Tremolo will offer you an equivalent band or DJ replacement at no additional cost. T&C's


Use the Chat button to ask any questions and talk directly with bands and DJs.


Confirm your Tremolo booking with a 30% deposit

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Find your ideal band or DJ package within your budget
Have your questions answered immediately with Tremolo Chat
Confirm the booking with a 30% deposit through Tremolo
Any unforeseen circumstances Tremolo will offer you a replacement equivalent band or DJ at no additional cost to you
If you're not happy with the replacement offer we'll refund your booking

What you're saying!

Lisa Hemmingway
Wedding planner - Tremolo client

An awesome tool for me as a planner who is most often working on behalf of someone else’s list of demands.

Emily Mason
Bride - Tremolo client

You’ve been a breeze and I’ve told everyone about booking through you if they need someone.

Trent Jansz

My Tremolo profile means the music does the talking!


We’ve been so happy with Tremolo! We get plenty of work and Jake and Pav are always clear with communication. They’re organised and we’re always paid on time!